About Us

Peter Lynn Kites has been making and selling kites since 1973Our product range includes small kids kites through to our most widely
known products our large inflatable show kites the most common one
being the 25 meter long maxi octopus.

We have Peter Lynn and Simon Chisnall designing our show kites in New

Zealand, but we also produce the kites for other designers from around
the world Jan O’Loughlin from Australia, Volker Hoberg and Andreas
Fischbacher from Germany, Claudio Capelli from Italy.

We  also make special custom designs for many customers around the world.most famously A 18 meter long Dragon ‘Toothless’ for 20th Century Fox to fly in different locations around the US, and in England towed it behind a boat down the Thames and through the Tower bridge.

If you are interested in seeing a dream come to life contact Simon – si@plk.nz
We are also the manufactures of the worlds largest kites The old
Guinness record for the mega ray and Mega Bite watch has 635 square
meters of lifting area, made in 1997.
The Guinness record for the Kuwait flag kite, 1000 square meters of
lifting area built in 2005, and the new unconfirmed world record Ray with 1250 square meters of lifting area.

We don’t only make and sell Show Kites we also travel the world
putting on displays.