Welcome to our new kite the 30 m long, massive blue whale.  Larger than a maxi he is a one off (at the moment), but  midis and minis are in the process of being produced.

He is a realistic looking whale from the folds over his eyes, to the blow hole on his back. He flies with a graceful swimming motion, and looks fabulous flying with a pod or in the sky with other marine creatures.

Bigger than a bus he will surely have the public “oooohhhhing” in awe at his size.

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This kite is not recommended for novice kite fliers.

Penguins in Fiji!!!!!!!!!

Our friend Erik was flying his penguin in Fiji, and sent us this email with some pictures.

“I have been flying my mid size penguin a lot (mostly on holiday in Fiji), and I love it, it is a fantastic kite to have and fly.”

Who said penguins cant fly ……..of course they can!!!!!  I have photos…..

Have you ever wondered where we get our ideas from?

We look for ideas all the time when we are designing new kites. Any time, any place.

This is Murphy, Simon and I (Kirsty) met him a couple of years ago while out test flying.

Simon  was in the middle of designing the dog ears, and we used Murphy’s as a model.  He is a great wee dog and we still see him down the park taking his owner Bernie for a walk.


Hot and Cold Midi Cuttlefish
Hot and Cold Midi Cuttlefish

Our Peter Lynn  Cuttlefish is the best looking Cuttlefish in the sky. Buy straight from a recommended dealer or get in touch with Jenny at the factory in New Zealand at

They are in hot demand but we have a few in stock at the moment looking for new aquariums to move to.

Available in hot colours (orange, yellows, red) or in cool colours (blues, purples, aquas)

Looks fantastic with the tentacles swaying in the wind and with his cheeky eyes peeping down at you, this kite is most defiantly a must for amateurs and professionals alike.

New Zealand Post Matariki stamps

With Peters news letter being very interesting reading I thought that I would post (pun) these marvelous stamps from Post New Zealand to commerate Matariki.  This is also the festival that Simon, Craig, Lyndall and Debbie went to in Auckland last month.  Check out the photos that Simon posted to our web page.

If you would like to buy a sheet of these stamps, please get in touch with Post New Zealand.  They will definitely be a set of stamps to add to your kite memorabilia.

The New Zeland post shop has put these beautiful stamps on our letters.  Seems almost a shame to postamrk and hide the stamp.

There are 3 different types of stamps depicting historical Maori kites.