Peter Lynn Newsletter – January 2010

I Blame the Chinese (At least it’s a change from blaming America).

Specifically: at 105 Alford Forest Rd, Ashburton New Zealand between the hours of 12noon and 12.30pm on Wednesday the 15th of October 2008, Tan Xi Bo and Wang Xiaping did fail to prevent one blue ultra light 8m Pilot kite from becoming irretrievably treed.

The facts are simple, and can’t be disputed (because I didn’t give them an opportunity).  During the morning I’d launched the said kite and tied it off.  Mr’s Tan and Wang, visiting from China, were flying some other kites in the same area (beside the kite factory) during this period.  At 12 noon I went away for lunch, while they stayed and flew for a while longer.  Shortly after I departed, the kite I’d left flying became irretrievably entangled in a tree.  Clearly it was their fault – and they were late for lunch as well.

The tree kept a bit
The tree kept a bit

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Peter Lynn Newsletter – December 09

How NOT to get invited back to Kite Festivals.

Master of Disaster

‘orrible weather here; our coldest October since 1943 and November’s even freezinger.  It’s 8 degrees today and this is summertime and we’re on the same latitude as the south of France.  Our warming seems to have been  stolen-  probably it’s a global conspiracy.  I suspect Copenhagen- they’re warmer now than we are- and seem set to heat up even more in the next few weeks.

But it’s a relaxing time of the year here- for me anyway.   I haven’t stepped onto an aeroplane now for six weeks and hope not to for another six.  Continue reading “Peter Lynn Newsletter – December 09”

Peter Lynn Newsletter – November 09

The PL Kite Economy.

Herman & JeannetMichel DekkerJenny CookCraig HansenSimon Chisnall & Cuttlefish kite

I’ve now been back in New Zealand for nearly four weeks, intending not to travel away again until after Xmas.

Three months uninterrupted workshop time!: Winch systems for UKS, the next Stirling engine prototype (unfinished business) , a speed record attempt buggy for NABX next year, working on the AP ‘foil (more unfinished business), developing a new Pilot kite,  and playing with a few old engines of course.  Plus some pleasant evenings with good friends and a bottle or three, and time for family.  Whee!

Townsville, Coolum and Noumea (2 to 4 Oct), Shenzhen and Xiamen (China, 24 Oct to 3 Nov) were a threat to this stay at home intent but others covered for me. There were 6 people from here away at overseas events one weekend, and I wasn’t- this has to be a record.

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Peter Lynn Newsletter – October 09


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A Chinese Allegory:

Long ago in a land far away there lived a very poor couple.  They had nothing except a one roomed shack to live in and a raised platform for sleeping on.  One evening the husband was awoken by an intruder.  There’s a thief in our house he thought, but as there was nothing to steal, he kept quiet so as not to disturb his wife or risk  confrontation.  And when the would-be thief laid his quilted coat on the floor ready to receive any valuables and moved around the room searching, he reached down and silently pulled the thief’s coat into the bed. The thief wasn’t quiet enough though, and the wife awoke saying loudly; “husband husband there’s a thief in the room”. The husband responded immediately with “wife of mine we have nothing to steal so there’s no thief in here, to which the intruder responded ; “then who stole my coat ?” Continue reading “Peter Lynn Newsletter – October 09”

Peter Lynn Newsletter – September 09


Yes, mistakes have been made!

Religion for one thing: faith based beliefs are a really really bad idea- and nothing will persuade me that this isn’t so.

Climate change for another. What if we’re about to tip the planet into meltdown?- and what about if we’re not? And why is it that the secular left enthusiastically embraces mankind’s guilt as an act of faith while the religious right demands more evidence?

And culture; every sort of unacceptable behaviour sanctioned in the interests of ‘cultural sensitivity’.  But I aint got none (culture that is) so you can’t pin this one on me.

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