Edeiken Award

Peter was awarded the Edeiken Award for Kite Flyer of the Year at the AKA Convention held at Seaside Oregon in October 2010.  The award arrived this morning, but unfortunately Peter left New Zealand about 2 hours earlier to go to a festival, so at the moment we do not have a picture of him with the award.   But we are buzzing here in NZ and thought a picture of the award should go on the web page and Face book as soon as possible.

Scott Base Kiters

Our friend Martin Meldrum, who is back again at Scott Base again this year, sent us these photos and an email.

Attached should be a couple of shots taken in front of Scott Base a couple of days ago with the Viper you sent down to me about a year ago, the wind was a bit light and the sky overcast but we had a bit of fun, sounds like there are a couple of people on Base interested in some kiting this year. Hopefully i may be able to get a couple of better shots before the summer ends.

Keep them coming Martin, we always love to see kites flying some where different.

If anyone else has pictures that they would love to see on our web page or face book, (www.facebook.com/peterlynn.kites) send them to me ….Kirsty at sales@peterlynnkites.com

Snurge, the racehorse

Paul, Snurges’ flyer, took him out and flew him the other week.  He was hoping to take some pictures and even the local paper was there. This is a photo that someone took on their phone. It looks awesome with the sun shining behind him.  This is the only horse of its kind and doesnt he look stunning.

Thanks for the photos Paul.  Keep them coming.

We really appreciate all photos. Send them to sales@peterlynnkites.com and I will post them on our web page and face book.  www.facebook.com/peterlynn.kites

Ashburton Spring Fair 2010

On the 16 of October 2010, a Spring Fair was held in Ashburton New Zealand, and Craig was asked to fly some kites for the crowds entertainment.   Not only was the sun shining, but the wind was blowing. This all added up to make one fantastic day. At one point Craig, Debbie and Kirsty had 5 cuttlefish, an octopus and a ray, on one line underneath an 8 m pilot.  For little old Ashburton it was a sight to see.  Traffic were stopping and we had so many public asking questions and sitting having their lunch watching the kites.

Craig took a couple of buggies with him, hoping to give rides to the public, but with all the big kites, a lot of trees, and a cricket match being played about 20 feet away from us, it didnt happen.  A local boy, Donan Ashby (ok he is my son….) managed to get his Impulse 3 up in the air and showed a few tricks to some of his friends, and a crowd of girls that appeared.

The wind disappeared about 4pm but the fair was still in full swing with singing, pony rides etc. We all had an awesome day and Id love to say a huge thank you to Ashburton on line who supplied the photos for us….we were to busy flying to take pictures.  Check out the other photos on  www.ashburtononline.co.nz


Linda’s view on the missing kite

What do I think of Lufthansa?  Not the sort of treatment I expected as a Star Alliance elite gold frequent flier from a full service Star Alliance airline- not an acceptable way to treat any customer.

My 2 cents’ worth… my reckoning is you’d get faster & better service by using Twitter or YouTube to broadcast your complaints, using names, places, dates etc.

Tell the world – let THEM make it news. =-O

Just like United Airlines got bagged on YouTube when they were caught manhandling musical instruments – the whole world watched!

I’m not a Tweeter-phobe myself yet, but I’ve heard of great successes once complaints start going global?

Fingers crossed…
And no, I’ve not seen the kite so Kevin hasn’t got it!

Linda Sanders