Our Kites, Out There - 2006 Archives

Egypt - March 2006

From Pat Williams...

"Hi there, this was taken in March 2006 during our trip to Egypt, where during our 1 month stay, we sprung for a week of kitesurfing lessons!"
(The kite pictured is a 3.5m Pepper)

Mandurah, Western Australia - December 2006

From Neil Taylor...

"Sometimes it just all comes together for a good shot... the wind, the water, the power.
Marty McLean carving up the Inlet on a Venom 13
This is the best pic yet with my new camera. I'm feeling a bit happier now... I'd better try a few more yet. Cheers!"

Rabbit Island, Nelson, New Zealand - December 2006

From Murray Neill...

"A couple of friends from the UK were visiting over the summer holidays here in NZ. They wanted to learn to kite buggy. I took them to Rabbit Island Beach for the afternoon where we enjoyed a steady sea breeze. My old Peter Lynn Excaliburs came out of the bag and got dusted off. They might be 'old school' but these are great kites, powerful, simple, and easy to learn on... and the noise they make always turns heads!"

Hédencourt, France - December 2006

From Florent Slonski...

"Hello! My name is Florent Slonski. I live in hédencourt(french) and I'm 12 years old. The picture is my teddy bear and my octopus."

One Sky-One World, Luxembourg - October 2006

From Luc Minden...

"It was a nice day in the south of Luxembourg, Europe back in October 8, 2006. The weather was dry but not so much wind. I was forced to lift my midi-size trilobite using a 8 sqmeter lift. This picture was taken by Luc Minden during our Kite Festival 'One Sky-One World'."

Malbaie River, Quebec, Canada - August 2006

From Jean Bjornson...

"The photograph was taken in August 2006 during a canoe trip on the 'Malbaie' river in Quebec, Canada. It had been raining all morning. We (my daughter and I) stopped on a gravel bar to grab a bite. It cleared up. Up went the kite (2.5 pepper). It was a good moment. Please credit my daughter Sophie Benoit-Bjornson for the photograph..."

Sumbawa - October 2006

From our friends over at Bali-kitesurfing...

"And again comes that time of the year when the magic starts! September-October are the months when the perfect wave machine called 'Lakey Peak' in Sumbawa are blessed with perfect solid side shore wind.

And as devote pellegrin we make our annual trip to this Mecca.
Just 50 minutes flight from Bali is this last paradise where the best wave riders of the world congregate for some insane wave slashing action.
This time I was lucky enough to get one of the biggest swells of the season with barreling 3-4 meter faces pounding the reef break with insane perfection. I even got my first real barrel... what a feeling when the sky suddenly disappears and you find yourself surrounded by water!
The Vortex kite worked for me spotlessly, so fast turning and so stable that I pushed my limit into the critical section of the waves.
And when one 5 meter monster took me down I thought it was the end for me! After a painfully long time centrifuged by the powerful force of this giant washing machine I lost count of the time and direction! Like in those videos of Jaws when you are gasping for air I let go off the bar to swim for air where I thought the surface was....
When finally I came out and got a breath of air, the first thing I saw was the sky and my beloved green and yellow Vortex still in the air over my head, what a wonderful sight! He just waited for me up there and helped me body drag away from the next roaring giant coming for me!!
This kite is so fantastic and safe to use in waves that I can't stop telling everybody...
Till next year...


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