Need some help at kite festivals? You can attach these to most of our large kites and it will keep out of trouble all day. They are made in rip stop nylon and are extremely good flyers. Since we have had these on our large kites at festivals the damage to our kites has been negligible.Also great for for lifting any objects that do not have great lifting area in lighter winds e.g. camera, KAP gear etc. We can build one for you in the following sizes.

  • 2m2 (21ft) $60 USD
  • 6m2 (65ft) $190 USD
  • 8m2 (86ft) $210 USD
  • 12m2 (130ft) $260 USD
  • 22m2 (237ft) $560 USD

The 22m2 is Peter’s latest design.  It is a 6 bridled lifter flying at an amazingly high angle of attack, this Lifter self adjusts to give it the maximum lift rather that pull for more varying wind conditions than any other lifter we have seen.

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Pilot parafoil - yellow

Pilot parafoil