From Volker Holberg Germany. Get ready early for St Valentine’s day. Wear your heart on your line instead of your sleeve. Looks great in red or with your own design or country’s flag.We now have a Maxi Heart at 9 meters wide this kite has a lot of lift and pull, so in strong winds it should be flown with care.

This heart is no ordinary show kite, it is a great flyer with or without a pilot kite. This kite also has a high angle of attack  that compares to the Maxi Patchwork Ray. Allowing you to use this kite as a large lifter and get more kites up attached to it’s flying line in lighter winds.

Maxi 9 meters wide  $1600 USD

Maxi                        RTF  $1960 USD

Midi 5.1 meters wide        $740  USD

Flag 5.1 meters wide         $925 USD

These prices do not include GST (New Zealand only) and freight

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