This is the  very first racehorse designed by our own Simon Chisnall.  This ones name is Snurge after the famous racehorse from the UK who won the St Ledgers cup a few years ago.  You can have your own herd of racehorses We can do colours to suit your favourite horse and each horse can also have his very own coloured blanket, with a cross or a Lorraine on both sides.The horse is so life like that the best judges of character ( the kids) thought that he was real and on his way down from the sky came and patted him while he lay on the ground, ready to be packed up. Now also in the new larger size of 12 meters. See images left (without saddle).

Maxi 12 meters long   $1550 USD

Maxi                          RTF  $1960 USD

Midi 7 meters long      $730USD

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