Our long term best selling single line inflatable kite. Realistic form and movement. Demand seems unending. Specify major colours or let us choose for you. New design and construction system from August `96 (but still the same popular shape) means it now flies in lighter wind and stronger wind and at a higher angle – no drogues required. All previous octopus kite designs are now obsolete! Original Peter Lynn Design 1990©.

Over large 40m x 7m (30kg) $3750 USD

Maxi 24m x 5m   $1790 USD

Maxi                RTF $2150 USD

Midi 14m x 2.5m      $715 USD

Mini 6m x 1m              $370 USD

Click here for recommended flying line.

Enquires/Quotes/Orders please email:

  • sales@plk.nz


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Octopus line drawing (small)
Line drawings, click for larger versions.

Octopus colour line drawing (small)Octopusoctopus2