The Peter Lynn Maxi Ray has been the top kite of choice since 1988, Its flying angle and huge wind range makes it the ideal kite for lifting kite stacks of any size. The classic patchwork ray design allows endless custom colour and graphics combinations, or go for the traditional rainbow style.   Also available in the slightly smaller 9kg maxi ray, this ray has been designed for people who do a lot of travailing with there kite, and want something that has just a little less pull then the full size maxi. It also has a tribal style design on the lower skin.   The midi ray is a breeze to fly and performs faultlessly with or without a pilot kite. Available kite only, or ready to fly (RTF) with lines and pilot.

An Original Peter Lynn Design ©1988, 1996.

Maxi patchwork ray 30 meters long   $2440USD

Maxi patchwork ray                             RTF $2835 USD

Maxi SC ray (single colour) 30m long $2200 USD

Maxi SC ray                                               RTF $2595 USD

9kg Maxi Tattoo Ray 25.5 m long $2240 USD

9kg Maxi tattoo Ray                   RTF $2595 USD

Maxi Andreas Ray 30m long                   $2800 USD

Midi patchwork ray  15m long                       $790 USD

Midi SC ray                                                                $750 USD

Midi Andreas Ray                                               $1400 USD

Mini patchwork ray  7.5m long                     $300 USD

Micro SC ray                                                         $62 USD

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  • sales@plk.nz

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9kg Tattoo Ray

Maxi Patchwork Ray


Maxi Single Color Ray


Maxi Andreas Ray



Line drawings, click for larger versions