Pig With Wings

Pig With Wings

The new Flying Pig kite from Peter Lynn Kites is available in two sizes 3 meter and 6 meter.

Pigs might fly, these Pigs do!

This cute Pig will wiggle and jiggle it’s way across the sky. It is a lot of fun for all ages bringing smiles to everyone that sees it.

Available in two sizes.

3 meters long  Pig with Wings $215 USD

6 meters long Pig with Wings $495 USD

Both kites come with a crush bag to fit the kite.

Or we also have a really good deal available for people who want both of them ready to fly.

6 meter Pig with Wings, 3 meter Pig with wings, 8 meter pilot kite, 70 meters of 2.5 mm pilot flying line with winder and a 30 meters of 2.5 mm Pig flying line with winder. All kites come with a crush bag that fits that kite for easy storage. RTF $985 USD

Click here for recommended flying line.

Enquires/orders please email