NABX Buggy

  • Full front and rear suspension
  • bum-grabbing seat
  • wide tires
Named after the NABX event (North American Buggy Expo) this is the latest design from the buggy workshop.

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Bigfoot Buggy

  • Product code PBBFST
  • Frame Material Stainless steel
  • Frame weight 6.4 kg
  • axle width 95 cm
  • Length adjustment 10 cm
  • Seat Padded webbing
  • Standard wheel Steel 21/12-8"
  • Optional wheel Aluminum 3 spoke
    bearings 12/15mm sealed
    extra strong fork sealed bearings
  • Assembling time approx 6 min.
The Impressive 'Bigfoot' drastically changed the outcome of races that were held on soft sand beaches in 1996. Bugging not only became possible on soft sand; the creature does not stop for anything .
Rolling over soft dunes, tricks like wheelies, slides, reverses and 360's are all possible. Surprisingly no speed is lost on harder beaches while its upwind performance is dramatically improved; a tough buggy to beat on almost any course.
The Bigfoot wheels can be fitted to any buggy frame although we recommend the special Bigfoot frame with has been reinforced to cope with the additional stresses.

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Competition XR Buggy

  • Product code PBCO10
  • Frame Material Stainless steel
  • Frame weight 4.6 kg
  • Axle width 95 cm
  • Length adjustment 10 cm
  • Seat Padded Webbing
  • Standard Wheel 4.8/4.00 -8 (16")
  • Bearings Skf 12 mm sealed
  • Front Fork reinforced sealed bearings
  • Assembling time approx 6 mins
Once bugging became a more competitive sport and stunts such as 360 deg spins started to develop, Peter Lynn came up with a drastically changed buggy design . The center of gravity shifted further forward while being maintained as low as possible. The seat is made of padded webbing which hold the riders position in the frame firmly. High speed turns became easier to control without the risk of falling out.
The correct seating position is critical to get maximum performance, therefore the pink seating is fully adjustable.
Beware this is a serious competition buggy. Higher speeds are possible with larger side forces and in combination with the extended rear axle 'breaking out' of the rear end is history.

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